Saturday, June 30, 2007



We screamed, we rushed forward to the stage, we screamed some more, we had our photos taken by people with large cameras, we screamed some more, we jumped around and WE SCREAMED SOME MORE!

I’ll post more about it day after day, but for now, I’ll roughly summarize ur methods to enhance safety transport.

1. Mirrors on Four Corners of the Bus/Train – Photoshopped mirrors into the bus.

2. Fake CCTV Cameras – Got the idea from Da Vinci Code where they said Museum Louvre uses fake CCTV cameras

3. Special announcements on trains and buses – Did a casual one with Manglish. (“Boys and girls, if you see anything hor, you must fast fast go report. Cannot keep it to yourself, you know”)

4. A sign which says No Sexual Harassment – We did one with the big red prohibited sign and we put a FINED ON THE SPOT RM1000, which was factually wrong, but haha, we won grand prize okay!

5. Frequent Patrolling on public transport – Make it into a paying job. Get volunteers.

6. More frequent bus and train stops to avoid a crowded environment, which creates more space for sexual harassment

7. Allocating seats – We received a lot of comments and so we showed the judges the comments

8. Never blame women – Psychological approach.

9. Seeing is believing – Posted our campaign items in ‘interesting’ places and we suggested doing tissue boxes for campaigning because you will see them on the road

10. Unconventional advertising method – Suggested using bloggers to spread the message. Featured interview with Kenny Sia!!!

Want to see videos, photos and the song we did? Stay tune to this blog! Don’t ever stop clicking!

OMG I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE WE WON!!!!!!!!!! I kept replaying the memory of the DJ saying our school name SRI LETHIA and how I felt at that moment! Honestly, unless you’ve won a grand prize in your life before, you won’t understand our euphoria!

I am going to redecorate this blog page. By redecorating I mean I am going to litter Grand Prize Winner all over the blog!!


kimfay said...

WE WON!!!!! WE WOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!! oh yea, we wooooon, we wooon, i still am very excited!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! hahahhaa *jumps about*

MaNdY said...

Well, congratz!!hahha!! =)


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