Wednesday, June 13, 2007

This notes the first blog post of Sri Lethia team!

Today marks Day One of our AWAM School Community project competition and we've already endowed ourselves with a blog. See! We are conscientious and hardworking! I think that deserves a point. =D

We also deigned to take a photo of AWAM's file (which was given to us completely free! AWAM are such generous people!=D ) and upload it here. Another point for diligence and that compliment, perhaps? =D

Yes lar, I know the photo is a bit senget, but ... it's done on purpose! Yes, it's done on purpose! I just only thought of this lie remembered my intention! To make the photo look, um, creative, I deliberately took it in a senget angle. Pretty creative, don't you think? =D

(Creativity accounts for 30% of this competition.)

By counting the annoying smiley faces, I think we've already got about four points. Yay! Too bad they are imaginary points. =(

I will now mention the names of those who are involved in this project, as well as one of their good traits:
1. Lim May Zhee (me. Placed first on the list)
2. Wong Shieh Ying (sociable, friendly and pretty)
3. Ng Shin Tiong (can dance very well, good-looking)
4. Tee Yi Wen (has an IQ of 180. No, I'm not joking)
5. Kathy Yap (a very motherly figure)
6. Yeap Shor Kuan (can be fierce and scary when the need arises)

7. Wong Kim Fay (nice drawings and ideas)

Of course, not forgetting the most important member of all...

Mrs. S. Vijayan, teacher/supervisor. (Help students to score A in PMR Geography, including yours truly. Gets to have her name bolded in large fonts because I am quite worried she might kill me after seeing this blog)

We've got excellent rapport as a team, judging by how we can't stop praising each other. That means we have good team work. Don't need me to tell you what that means, right? *coughonemorepointcough*

Okay, frivolity aside, there is a reason we created this blog. The reason will be revealed tomorrow so for now just pretend you are filled with suspense.

May Zhee

P/S - If you're wondering why there aren't any visitors here yet, it is because I haven't advertised this blog! Once I advertise it, you bet readers will flock to this blog daily.

PP/S: Stop looking at me like that! I know currently the blog is very bare! But I am running short of time! I will complete it soon, okay?

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