Monday, June 18, 2007

Day Three: Slideshow almost completed

Team members and their attractive pencil cases in a meeting

Me and our slideshow plan written in paper.

Kim Fay and I have done everything in our power to make this slideshow a success.

We cut, we draw, we shout, we beg, we cry...and it's finally 70% done.

Shin Tiong is going to help us complete the final stage and if it doesn't turn out well, Kim Fay and I are going to cry. We really did spend a lot of time on it, you know! It's like our baby now!

Shieh Ying actually suggested that we hand it over, since our job only covers designing(KF) and writing (me) but it's our baby! You cannot expect us to part with our baby!


Just so we're clear, sexual harassment covers EVERYTHING and ANYTHING sexual that makes you uncomfortable. If someone tells you a lewd joke and you are displeased with that, and then you go confront him about it, yet he still continues bugging you with that then, WHAM, it's a sexual harassment case. You have every right to report him.

And then you can come to our blog and tell the world what a scum of the society he is. ;) Good luck.

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