Friday, June 15, 2007

Day Three: Slideshow progress

Our theme is Sexual Harassment on Public Transport. Our slogan is My Body Belongs To Me (otherwise who else it belongs to, right?).

Erroneous! The above should be 'What are we up to?' Sorry sorry sorry!

As the title suggests, we have already started working on our first slideshow. This blog will be revealed tomorrow night to the world! Exciting!

I need to clear something here. Some of you might think that using phrases like ‘he grabbed my breast’ or ‘masturbating in front of me’ a little too harsh/explicit. I also fear that the teachers might find them reprehensible, but before you unleash your liberal theories on us, hear us out.

We are using the phrase ‘breast’ and ‘masturbating’ not as something dirty, but as something immoral that is truly happening among us. If we choose to keep quiet about these just because we are too shy to say it out aloud, we are giving the molesters a chance to take advantage of our lack of knowledge. How old are we? Form Four and Form Five this year! There is only so long that you can pretend to be ignorant. One day we must all wake up and face the real world, which, whether you like it or not, is inundated with debaucheries.

If you’re too afraid to even talk about it, what would you do if you come face to face with a flasher?

I only learnt last year that there are actually people disgusting enough to look at you while touching their genitals in public. What would happen if I never found out about this misdemeanor and proceeded to go near that person?

It’s time to discard conservative mindsets for a while, and think about this as a step to curbing sexual harassment in public transport.

By the way, many thanks to Kim Fay the designer, Sheng Giap, Yvonne, U Zhing, Kathy, Suba and Puan Sellie the models. (You guys get to be models for a day hor!) This is only half of the project so there are still many more people to thank. ;)

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