Thursday, June 14, 2007

Day Two : Talk big

It's hard to blog about our meetings because we want to keep track of our reports, yet we don't want our ideas to bocor like tangki air.

Yes, you better get used to our streak of kiasu-ness.

Anyway, we are currently in our 'Talk Big' stage. We sprouted spectacular ideas and somehow, all seven of the team members managed to agree on the same things without scratching, punching and/or tearing each other's hair. It's nothing short of a miracle, honestly.

By the way, Talk Big is good! Talk Big leads to big ambitions, leading to big effort to achieve big things!

I haven't advertise this blog on my own blog because I feel this blog is still inadequate. If I promote it now, readers will come, but then they will run away! Screaming! Better to introduce to the public when everything is done and pretty, right?

I need more things to put in this blog, so please be patient! And help me scour the web for things to put!

Credits to Stickgal.

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