Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Need feedback!

I promoted this blog in Swifty's blog yesterday, and I said something that sounded very true (though at that time I thought I was only writing nonsense).

Anyway, back to sexual harassment. I just need a little help from you
guys. Do you think you can visit this
blog and
leave a comment? I'm very worried that a potential sexual harasser will chance
upon that blog, look at the pathetic amount of support there and think to
himself, 'Muahahaha no one supports such campaigns I shall go harass more
people.' Though I doubt sexual harassers can talk in such coherent sentences.
They are usually sick idiots.

Now that I read it again, yeah! That is one of the reasons why you all should be supporting this AWAM project! I know everyone probably walks around with this unseen bubble speech above their heads saying, 'Aiya, who cares. It won't happen to me.' I know that because I too have that bubble speech of indifference.

But what you don't know is, if you don't start taking such matters seriously, potential sexual harass-ers will be able to see this bubble callout. Don't need me to elaborate on what will happen next right?

So give me some support! Comment! Just to wish us good luck (ya I know this is very buay paiseh but nvm) or say, 'I SUPPORT YOU.'

Unless you're from the opposing team. But even then if you want to support us, I won't mind. =P

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