Monday, June 25, 2007

Walk and Wheel Walk and Wheel Walk and Wheel Walk and Wheel Walk and Wheel!!!

Can you say the line above in one second?


Then come join Awam's Walk and Wheel Campaign !

(Haha, the nonsense above is just to capture your attention)

Click on the link to know more. Psst, if you click on it, there's a video of Jackyln Victor singing for AWAM! (Or if it's not Jacklyn, it's a freaky Jacklyn look-a-like O.o) And she sings really, really well. It's kind of worth a click just to hear her melifluous voice.

Wow, if she's not Jacklyn Victor, she ought to be.

Anyway! Back to the project!

We finally COMPLETED the presentation!

Alright that's a lie. We've completed 95% of it. Now we're just adding things to enhance it. =) We are very particular about perfection. The report is done and we're going to submit it tomorrow. And no, my fingers didn't catch fire. Thank God, is all I can say.

Kim Fay and I are set to practise the presentation along with the rest of the team tomorrow! Haha, kind of excited about it actually. Of course lar! It's our blood, sweat and tears.

Or maybe just our sweat and tears.

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