Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Final day

Kim Fay demands that this blog thank her for advertising too! Haha! So here…

This blog would like to thank

Wong Kim Fay

Which gives me the idea. Have you spread the message about this blog on your blog or to your friends?

Comment here! And I will personally blog about thanking you. =) Lest you accuse me of being unappreciative. Hmmph.

Our presentation is tomorrow! It will be at Shah Hotel (or however you spell it) and our time slot is 11.30am. Kim Fay and I will be presenting, and at first we had some difficulties, but thank God for that. Better to have difficulties now, rather than on the day itself and then only go home and cry, right?

So yes, thank God.

What else can I say? The report has safely reached the hands of Abby, our presentation is 100% done, the team is very happy and confident.

After tomorrow, there won't be any need for this blog anymore, I think (unless AWAM finds it extremely fascinating and decides to pay me for blogging further. Heh.). But thanks for all the support! Thanks for all the comments! Thanks for all the hits!

1 comment:

MaNdY said...

Good Luck! God bless! =)


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