Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Method #10 Blogger Support

Our last method was unconventional advertising against sexual harassment. Because, you see, all the advertisements on television and radios and newspapers ... what do they mean? They're just an indication that the world loves money.

On blogs, however, advertising goes to another level. Just read this interview I conducted with celebrity blogger Kenny Sia.

1. How effective do you think blogs can be when it comes to raising awareness?
Most blogs are personal in nature and as such they can connect to the audience at a more intimate level compared to other forms of media. Bloggers can leave a deep impression and that effectively helps raise awareness of important issues in life.

2. What are your blogging experiences on awareness campaigns?
I am an advocate of adopting a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and my blog entries generally reflect that. I feel happy when I find out many of my readers were participating in this year's Penang Marathon events because I did it last year in KL.

3. What is your say about safety on public transport?
Perhaps it is because I am a careful with myself, but I have yet to experience any untoward incidents from my experiences taking public transport in Malaysia. So yes, I feel that it is still quite satisfactory. :)

There you go. Blogs are actually very powerful things. Bloggers hold a strong grasp over readers. They influence them in more ways than one. Which is why blog advertising is the way to go if you want to raise awareness.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

We want to know!

Why did we win grand prize? I know it might be the whole package, but what was our winning point? What was it that bowled the judges over? What was it that grabbed the judges by the shoulders, shook them hard and go, 'SRI LETHIA MUST WIN!!!'?

I should have stopped at 'bowled the judges over'.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

We Bonded!

I realize that this project has brought the 7 of us closer together. Before this, we barely talked to each other(those who weren't in the same class) but during the 2 weeks, we've spent majority of our school hours together trying to come up with the perfect presentation to present AWAM, which we won. Three cheers for that! So as I was saying, we pretty much gotten to know each other better.
Like, our leader, Shieh Ying, does the things that, we mostly would not want to do.
May Zhee's good at multi tasking, and can put on a brave face even though she was sick on the day of the presentation.
Oh, we now know that Kathy is also known as Mary Yap(inner joke, haha).
Shin Tiong's favourite phrase is "uh oh!" and despite being the only guy in the group, he's the one that panics the most.
We also know that if you sit in the middle of Yi Wen's Estima, the part where you can pull up into a tiny table, yeah, if you sit there, you're bound to fall if I sit behind you. *evil laughs* Oh, she also has this really amazing voice which we used in our announcement.
Shor Kuan's just plain Shoe Kuan. She almost fell in the Estima. Oh, and she prefers drivers to drive under 50km per hour.
As for me, I..... Highly unlikely I'm going to write about myself right. Yeah, well, if you must know, I fit the description of a lower secondary girl. See the photo of us in the meeting room discussing and you'll have your answer. =)

Keep visiting if you want to be counted in, this blog! Get it? Counted in, count me in?
Ah, forget it.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The money

We received RM1500 as the grand prize winner. A lot of people have been asking what are we planning to do with the money.

Obviously, the money is not important. What's important is having fun, raising awareness, nurturing co-operation and-


Okay. That was just wishful thinking.

We are going to buy a yacht and name it Sri Lethia Loves Awam. Muahahahahahaha.

Sigh. More wishful thinking.

Well, to be honest, we're not sure yet! Haha! We might want to divide the money and then go our separate ways.

Hehe I know I'm supposed to post up our methods accompanied by photos/videos/songs but there are some technical difficulties so please bear with us.

Haha, Abby, I hope this post answers your question. We don't know what to do with the money yet!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

[Edited] Photos of our victory! Grand! Prize! Winner!

Shieh Ying, Kim Fay and a quarter of me. This was before we knew we were going to erupt into happy bursts every five seconds.

Teacher, Kathy and Shor Kuan's hand. Still don't know yet.

Beginning of our euphoria on stage

Now...for the photo you CANNOT miss...
*more drumroll*

Look at how happy our faces were!!!LOOK!!!!!!
From left: Kathy, Shor Kuan, Shieh Ying, May Zhee, some woman (DJ I think), Kim Fay


You can practically see the glow on our faces!

Okay fine lar, that's only sweat. =P

The man on the left is my dad and the boy is my brother. They are our supporters. =D

Oh yes, we were interviewed by Seventeen Magazine and The Sun newspaper. We went back rather early, since we were all staying in Klang, so I hope if there were more media people, feel free to post a comment here or e-mail my teacher for interviews.

Haha. Yes. Grand prize winners are usually very thick faced.

But I say this from the bottom of my heart (really, truly, genuinely. Kim Fay would say from the bottom of our BUTT because she thinks that's more sincere). It was team effort! I swear! It was! We needed impact, creativity, practicality and so much more.

The team would like to thank...
Wong Kim Fay for her designs, her hand in the slideshows and presentation, her Dirty Little Secret idea (this is something you all CANNOT miss! Before you die, you must at least see this once!)
Wong Shieh Ying for being our beautiful model and "doing the things that nobody wants to do" (haha, there's a photo of her that you all CANNOT miss also)
Kathy Yap for the surveys, interviews and printing of stickers
Yeap Shor Kuan for her video camera and providing entertainment to the team
Tee Yi Wen for her transport, her part in doing some designs and the tissue box! Haha!
Ng Shin Tiong Technical stuff! And for bringing his laptop to school everyday despite how heavy and troublesome it is.

Oh! Me! How can I forget me!!!

May Zhee Blogging, report, slideshow, presentation, ideas

How come mine seems so boring -_- Okay nvm. My point is, team effort!

I'm going to add Kim Fay as a contributor here soon so we might need ways to indicate our posts. We could add [MZ] or [KF] before every post title...or we could change the color of our posts. What say you?

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