Wednesday, July 4, 2007

We Bonded!

I realize that this project has brought the 7 of us closer together. Before this, we barely talked to each other(those who weren't in the same class) but during the 2 weeks, we've spent majority of our school hours together trying to come up with the perfect presentation to present AWAM, which we won. Three cheers for that! So as I was saying, we pretty much gotten to know each other better.
Like, our leader, Shieh Ying, does the things that, we mostly would not want to do.
May Zhee's good at multi tasking, and can put on a brave face even though she was sick on the day of the presentation.
Oh, we now know that Kathy is also known as Mary Yap(inner joke, haha).
Shin Tiong's favourite phrase is "uh oh!" and despite being the only guy in the group, he's the one that panics the most.
We also know that if you sit in the middle of Yi Wen's Estima, the part where you can pull up into a tiny table, yeah, if you sit there, you're bound to fall if I sit behind you. *evil laughs* Oh, she also has this really amazing voice which we used in our announcement.
Shor Kuan's just plain Shoe Kuan. She almost fell in the Estima. Oh, and she prefers drivers to drive under 50km per hour.
As for me, I..... Highly unlikely I'm going to write about myself right. Yeah, well, if you must know, I fit the description of a lower secondary girl. See the photo of us in the meeting room discussing and you'll have your answer. =)

Keep visiting if you want to be counted in, this blog! Get it? Counted in, count me in?
Ah, forget it.

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May Zhee said...


Oh, I love that part about me. =D

And I will definitely be putting up the 'primary school photo' soon. Rest assured. This is something the whole world deserves to see.


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